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Chris and Kate engagement session

Are we able to book a session with you for any time of the day?

Is travel included in your prices?

Absolutely – but if we were to recommend a time, it would be just after sunrise or just before sunset, during the golden-glow. The lighting during this time is incredibly soft and will make your photos extra beautiful!

Only for the Whangarei, NZ area. Although please keep in mind that we LOVE travelling, so we aim to keep any extra travel costs to the bare minimum.

Are your packages flexible?

Can we meet you?

Um, yes! Let's meet at our favourite local cafe and discuss your dream day and vision. If you live far away or are too busy to meet in person, that’s no worries – there's a thing called Zoom nowadays.

Absolutely! Feel free to ask for a custom-made package just for you.

How do we receive our photos?

Will all our photos be edited?

You will receive all your edited photos via a private online gallery where you can download your images in high and low resolution. You can also share the gallery with friends and family.

Yes, but only the best! No point in having double ups or squinty faces.

I’m a little camera-shy…will it be obvious in my photos?

What should we wear to our couples session?

As experienced Northland wedding & elopement photographers, we always do our best to make our sessions feel as relaxed and as easygoing as possible. Your shyness won't last very long, but your beautiful photos will last forever! So try not to let a little camera shyness stop you from booking with us. It will be worth it – promise!

Ultimately, whatever you feel comfortable in! BUT if you remember to keep it logo-free and wear earthy tones, you’ll look extra i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e and it'll keep your photos looking timeless.

If you're stuck for ideas, we made a Pinterest board of clothing inspiration just for you! (The Pinterest link can be found at the very bottom of this page.)

Do you need food and seating at the wedding reception?

Yes please. Just like everyone else, we need fuel too. If you want to give us a seat, please give us positions where we can be flexible. We always eat at the same time as the wedding guests.


home interior print

We provide our clients with a personal online gallery store, where you can order wedding prints, canvases, calendars, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff to celebrate your day.

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home interior print
home interior print

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